Vampire Costume Accessories
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Vampire Costume Accessories – Set Your Vampire Outfit Apart From The Rest

A vampire costume is one of the most common choices when it comes to dressing up for Halloween events. Whether attending a party or going for a trick or treat, standing out requires top-notch vampire costume accessories.

Fangs provide the foundation for the costume. The range of options includes everything from simple, plastic fangs to elaborate inserts. A comfortable fit is just as important as appearance, as it allows the fangs to be worn without constant removal and reinsertion. Make-up accentuates the vampire's character and can make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Red lips or trails of blood from the mouth will give your vampire outfit an air of terror. Also, a scar somewhere on the face provides a hint of danger. Another way to set your costume apart is by combining a strong character with the vampire. Pirate captain vampires or alien vampires bring together well-known costume elements into something entirely new. Another fun option would be to take the vampire from their normal time frame and throw them far into the future. Hairstyles can also set one vampire apart from any other. A spiky hair with water-based colouring, like a brooding purple or fluorescent yellow, provides a sharp contrast from the traditional slicked back hair with a widow's peak that has been made famous in movies. Wigs give length or volume to a vampire's look, allowing for braids or ponytails. Don’t be afraid to try something different from the classic vampire look to get your costume noticed.

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