Superhero Costume Accessories
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Superhero Costume Accessories – Superhero Fancy Dress Suggestions

If you go to any fancy dress party, you are bound to see someone dressed as a superhero. The good news is that this doesn’t mean you will look the same as everyone else, as there are so many superheroes, outfits and superhero costume accessories available to choose from.

Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the classics. Bananaman, the superhero that gets his strength from eating bananas, is a great option to go for. You’ll need a blue body suit and mask, with a yellow belt, cape, gloves and boots. Superman never fails to impress, and Batman and Robin are popular options, especially if you’re turning up to a party with your friend. Captain America is another great choice, with the blue, red and white outfit that mirrors the US flag. Or, what about Iron Man, with his striking red and gold appearance? One costume that has become exceptionally popular since the film was released in 2011 is Thor. Channel Chris Hemsworth with a suit of armour and striking red cape. The Hulk makes another impressive fancy dress outfit. You can find plenty of Hulk costumes online, and all you will need is some green face paint to finish off the look. Women can look sexy and powerful in a Wonder Woman outfit while Catwoman is another excellent suggestion. And who could possibly forget Wolverine?

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