Pirate Dressing Up Costume
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The Perfect Pirate Dressing Up Costume For The Mischief In All Of Us

The pirate dressing up costume is one of the most popular and intriguing costumes of all. Everyone loves to play dress up and not only at Halloween time. For many people, dress up is a playful way of adding laughter and fun to an event, and indeed playing dress up as the dangerous but charming pirate can certainly be exciting.

The pirate costume is not only a favourite among partygoers but is simple to accomplish and is quite realistic when all is said and done. Start your costume attire with the typical black patch over one eye, and a red bandana tied around the crown of your head with a lingering tail to one side. This extravagant effect sets the foundation for the devilish look of the criminal pirate. Next is the addition of a white long-sleeved flouncy blouse, completely buttoned down and covered over with a black waist length open vest. Adding a long length silver chained necklace with perhaps a skull dangling from the end will add an extra touch of mischief to this popular fancy dress outfit. Next, the addition of a pair of red trousers, preferably with jagged cut triangular edges needs to be added to the dangerous attire, and a knee-high pair of black leather boots will complete the outfit. The blend of black, red, and white is every bit indicative of a pirate's attire and donning a hefty toy sword in hand is the final touch needed to bring your costume to life.

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