Halloween Fancy Dress Costume
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Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Inspired By Films

Choosing a great Halloween fancy dress costume is not the most straightforward of challenges. There are so many unwritten rules, but the principle one is that you do not want to end up looking like someone else. Here is a look at some original film-inspired costume ideas and how you can pull them off…

Making movie-inspired costumes work for Halloween takes much more than just turning up with an uncanny fancy dress ensemble; you have to act the part too to convince everyone. If you want to play it safe, you can never go wrong with a Chucky costume for a Halloween trick or treat outing. Dress your young one in blue dungarees, a striped shirt and pair of red canvas shoes. For the face, use a classic Chucky mask, or opt for a red wig and use some face paint for the stitches. Jigsaw from Saw is yet another Halloween character that is as recognisable as he is chillingly scary. Get into character by donning the iconic white mask with red embellishments and a dark suit. You will also send chills down everyone's back by turning up as Ghostface from Scream. Don the white "Dali-esque" mask and a dark cloak, and complete the look with a bloody toy dagger. Finally, another film-inspired Halloween costume idea to consider is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You’ll need a white shirt, a traditional apron and a bloody toy saw to pull off this look.

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