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Fairy-Tale Fancy Costume – Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Whether you have a Halloween party coming up or just an event that requires you to dress up, you want a fancy costume that makes you look unique. Fairy tale is a great theme to steer towards and means that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

One big benefit with choosing a fairy tale fancy dress outfit is that you can choose whether you want to dress as the hero or the villain. Perhaps the evil queen from Snow White appeals to you, or maybe you want to be the sweet-as-candy Cinderella. Something that is popular right now thanks to Disney's Frozen is Elsa and Anna costumes. At most fancy dress parties, you will find at least 10 Elsa's! If you are a fan of the Frozen franchise, make sure your look is unique, perhaps by putting a dark spin on the outfit or by wearing outlandish makeup that makes you stand out. With so many modern fairy tales being released, people often forget the classics, so these are worth considering if you want to wear something that is individual. Why not dress as Little Red Riding Hood or even as Snow White? Buying a costume from a fancy dress store but adding your own unique accessories to make it stand out is a really good idea. For Little Red Riding Hood, for example, you likely have some sort of basket to carry already at home. You could even use one of your red dresses and buy some accessories from a fancy dress store so that people know who you are supposed to be.

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