Egyptian Costume Accessories
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Egyptian Costume Accessories To Create A Breath-Taking Disguise

When preparing for Halloween, a dress-up party or another event where guests are expected to arrive dressed up as someone other than themselves, there are tons of ideas to choose from. When sifting through outfits and trying to decide between a witch and a Viking, why not consider an Egyptian outfit? Classy and whimsical, this historical ensemble, if executed correctly with the perfect Egyptian costume accessories, is sure to turn heads at any event.

When crafting Egyptian costumes, both genders can keep the main outfit simple with a loose, plain white dress and a simple cloth belt in another traditional Egyptian colour, such as gold. The accessories are the details that will make the costume stand out. Headwear is a vital part of an awe-striking Egyptian outfit. Males can become the picture of Egyptian royalty with a pharaoh headdress. These headpieces, which reflect the authentic headwear of historical Egyptian rulers, are generally striped and feature a recognisable Egyptian symbol, such as a cobra, as a centrepiece. Females can transform into the pinnacle of royal Egyptian beauty with a Cleopatra wig. These wigs are easily recognisable by their shoulder-length, pin-straight black hair and clean-cut bangs. Jewellery is another accessory that does wonders to spice up an Egyptian costume. The most common form of Egyptian jewellery is the beaded collar. This neckpiece features a thick ring of beads that extends from the base of the wearer's neck across their shoulders and chest. A valid choice for both genders, the beaded collar features traditional colours such as red, black, gold, blue and jade.

With the right Egyptian costume accessories, it is easy to craft a creative, historically accurate Egyptian disguise that reflects the beauty and mesmerising attire of traditional Egyptian culture. You’ll find all of the fancy dress items you need to pull off this look at Check out their website,, to discover more.