Cheap Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes
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Cheap Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes – Best Costumes From The 80’s

If there is one thing we love to do at Halloween, it is to dress up. If you are looking for an outfit for this year, why not take inspiration from a period in time, such as the 80’s? Read on to discover some ideas for cheap Halloween fancy dress costumes from the 80’s.

There are plenty of superheroes that were prominent during the 80’s, with the two most obvious options being Batman, from The Dark Night Returns in 1986, and Catwoman, whose character was completely revised in 1987. Not only will you benefit from a striking Halloween costume when going for one of these options, but the ‘bat’ and ‘cat’ are two animals that are widely associated with Halloween as well. Another option is to dress as Freddy Krueger, who is the main character from A Nightmare on Elm Street, which first appeared in 1984. This is quite an easy look to emulate as well, as you will simply need a pair of black trousers, a black and red striped top and a brown fedora hat. Another option, which may not be scary but is certainly iconic, is to dress as Indiana Jones, who was first introduced in 1981. You will need beige trousers, a black t-shirt, a brown leather jacket, a brown hat and a brown whip. You could also opt for traditional costumes from this era, such as an old school rapper or big-haired rocker, and add an eerie vibe with fake blood and pale make-up.

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