Career Costumes
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Career Costumes: Some Of The Best Career-Based Fancy Dress Ideas

Career costumes offer endless possibilities for someone looking to stand out at a dress-up party. The selection of themed uniforms associated with different careers is almost limitless. We have put together a brief guide, revealing some of the best career-based fancy dress ideas for you to consider for your next party.

Appearing at an event or party dressed as a police officer is one option to explore. To make your best copper impression look authentic, do not stop with the classic blue police uniform. Accessorise with care by adding police equipment, such as handcuffs, badges or even a whistle. Mirror sunglasses also offer a great way to act the tough cop. Nursing is another career that offers almost limitless possibilities when dressing up for a party. The traditional nurse uniform comprises of a dress, apron and cap. You can be conservative and reproduce the classic Florence Nightingale nursing garb, or you can go for something more modern or experimental. Firemen uniforms are exciting and inspirational fancy costume ideas. Children, in particular, are very excited about the prospect of dressing up as a firefighter, complete with a helmet and firefighting equipment. Another career field that has plenty of universal appeal for fancy dress is seafaring. Whether you would like to turn up as a full captain or a run-of-the-mill sailor, there are plenty of costumes and accessories to help you complete the look. Finally, while the craze for space travel is not as ingrained in the public imagination as it was in the sixties and seventies; dressing up as an astronaut is still a very popular idea, especially for kids. Fire up their imagination and inspire them to do great things with exciting astronaut outfits complete with spaceship insignia and gear.

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