Army Costume Accessories
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Army Costume Accessories – What Accessories Do You Need To Create An Army-Inspired Outfit?

When it comes to fancy dress, one option that never fails to impress is to dress as if you are part of the army. However, when it comes to this outfit, it is the accessories that make all of the difference. Read on to discover the army costume accessories you will need to pull off this look.

You can’t be part of the army if you do not have a weapon to protect yourself, which is why teaming your army costume with a toy gun is essential. You should also buy a bullet belt; this is the ultimate army accessory for both men and women, and will leave people in no doubt about what you are dressed up as. These are the two most important accessories, but you shouldn’t stop there. Face paint is a great investment, as you can put two green stripes across one of your cheeks, or both if you’d prefer. A hat is another key accessory, and you have many different styles to choose from. A lot of people prefer a cap, but you could also opt for a bandana, a headband or something different. Aside from this, dog tags can make your army look more realistic while aviator style glasses provide the perfect finishing touch. With these accessories, you are assured to look the part. However, when you start looking for fancy dress costumes, you will see that there are many more options available, from knee-high army patterned socks to camouflage braces. It’s all about finding what works for your outfit.

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