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Scars and Special Effects


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Scars and Special Effects

F/X Make Up - Bullet Wounds
Special effects makeup bullet wounds. These specially formed and coloured bullet hole wound piece..
F/X Make Up - 4 Sewn Scars
Special effects makeup 4 sewn scars. These specially formed and coloured sewn scars pieces are pe..
F/X Make Up - Fracture
Special effects makeup Fracture. This specially formed and coloured Fracture is perfect for creat..
F/X Make Up - Hanging Eye
Special effects makeup hanging eye. These specially formed and coloured hanging eye perfect for c..
F/X Make Up - Slashed Throat
Special effects makeup Slashed Throat . These specially formed and coloured Slashed Throat&n..
F/X Make Up - Stigmata/Bullet Wound
FX Makeup Cinematographic Effect - Stigmta or Bullet Wound. Single piece pre-coloured latex effec..
F/X Makeup - 2 Cuts or Gashes
FX Makeup Cinematographic Effect - 2 Cuts or Gashes. Two individual pieces of pre-coloured latex ..
F/X Makeup - Demon Horns
FX Makeup Cinematographic Effect - Pair of Demon Horns. Pair of pre-coloured latex horns with hig..
F/X Makeup - Screw through Brow
FX Makeup Cinematographic Effect - Screw Through Effect. Two pieces of pre-coloured latex piece d..
F/X Makeup - Spike Driven Into Body
FX Makeup Cinematographic Effect - Spike driven into the body. Single piece pre-coloured latex ef..
Funworld Zombie Tattoos FW-9625-P
Funworld Zombie Tattoos Amazing quality Comes with 6 tattoos plus tube of bloody scab..
Horror Wound Transfer Bullet Hole 44972
Horror Wound Transfer Bullet Hole Amazing quality Red, Water Based, Allergy & Latex F..
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